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PraFor Project
New Edition

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General features

We have a great variety of programs that can satisfy almost all the necessities about internships and voluntary service, or only learn Spanish in Spain (program LING).

The courses / internships / volunteers are the most important link between the classroom and the professional world. An internship/volunteer is always a valuable experience and it is more beneficial if it is done in a foreign country with a foreign language.

Description of the programs inside PraFor:


CHEAP programs are for people which main interest is doing an internship/volunteer, but not courses or other complements.
Don't forget to visit our program
RED internship or RED volunteer [ More info ]


LING is thought for the people that don't need to have a labour or volunteer experience, but only need to learn Spanish. (This program don't include free accommodation). [ More info ]


This program consists in a combination cultural/social lessons and work experience in our Academy. [ More info ]


PLUS is a combination cultural/social lessons and work experience in our Academy, completed with Spanish language lessons too. [ More info ]


PraFor MIX consists in a combination cultural/social lessons, Spanish language and volunteer experience helping in a non profit Institution. [ More info ]


This Program is indicated for the people that only search for a volunteer experience helping people in Spain. [ More info ]


Finally, UNI program is thought for all the students that need for their studies to do an internship abroad. We work with selected companies. [ More info ]

What's included...?

Included in priceLingBasicPlusMixVolUni
1 h/day of Spanish Grammar tutition   
1 h/day of Spanish Exercices tutition    
1 h/day Spanish Culture tutition  
2 h/day of internship inside our central    
? h/day of Internship in a Company     
? h/day of Volunteer in a Organization    
Online support   
Participacion en Aulapolis   
Participacion en ASL 
Material used in the classroom  
News and events service
Certificate of participation
Internet access  
Performance monitoring
Use of facilities   
Use of PC   
Placement and progress tests
Individual consulting service  
5 h of personal monitoring during first week    
Free accommodation in shared room 


You can start your program in any Monday, but always according our availability and the other institutions that take part in your internship/volunteer.

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