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PraFor Project
New Edition

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El Puerto de Santa Maria is a town with a mild climate therefore it is an ideal place to spend nice vacation.

It is a good place to practise any kind of sport, for example golf, tennis, volleyball, horse back riding and all water sports.

You can visit the monumental centre of this beautiful town and its coasts which are well known for their beaches, pleasure harbour and golf links.

Activities of PraFor

During the year we organize interesting activities for our students. These activities are thought for the programs: LING, BASIC, PLUS and MIX. The activities are not included in PraFor fees but the participants in PraFor musn't to pay for them.

These activities are not included in programs: VOL, UNI or CHEAP.

Important: Displacement cost to the activity place is not included for any participant of PraFor.

Cooking lesson (only during summer season)

Each 3 weeks we will show you a typical plate of Spanish cousine included in the list:

-Papatas Aliñadas
-Pan con jamón
-Salsa Vinagreta
-Tortilla Española
-Patatas Bravas
-Ajo de la Mano

These Spanish plates are prepared like famous 'tapas'.

Course "The creation of your own company".

* Duration: 3 hours.
* Practice: A Role-play showing the management of a company.

Course "Useful techniques to find a job".

* Duration: 2 hours.
* Practice: A Role-play consisting on an interview.

Course "The Social interaction in another country".

* Duration: 2 hours.
* Practice: Group Dynamics, living together with a Spanish family.

Course "How think Spanish and Latin people? : Global Market".

* Duration: 2 hours.
* Practice: Group Dynamics, working with examples.

Visiting Spanish companies.

* Entry: First, fill in a questionnaire to determine the basic knowledge acquired.
* During: Participating in the development and functioning of the company.
* Final: debate and solution of doubts.


Sometimes in the year we organize parties for socializing and practicing the language in a Spanish environment.

Optional Activities (not included in PraFor fees)

-Horseback riding lessons
-Flamenco dancing and guitar lessons
-Sevillanas dancing course

-Visiting Osborne wine cellars.
-Learning how to play Golf.
-Learning how to make windsurf.
-Journey on a ship.
-Visiting shopping centres.
-Visiting Seville (Giralda, cathedral).
-Visiting Cadiz (cathedral, beaches, museums).
-Visiting Jerez (museum, Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art).

Visits are available to small nearby towns, wineries and horse shows in season.

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