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PraFor Project
New Edition

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2 204 190 324--*--*--*
4 390 365 617---------
6 582 540 914---------
8 776 720 1216---------
10 970 900 1520---------
12 1116 1020 1716 1620 1164 1020
14 1302 1190 2002 1890 1358 1190
16 1488 1360 2288 2160 1552 1360
18 1674 1530 2574 2430 1746 1530
20 1860 1700 2860 2700 1940 1700
22 2046 1870 3146 2970 2134 1870
24 2232 2040 3432 3240 2328 2040
26 2418 2210 3718 3510 2522 2210
28 2604 2380 4004 3780 2716 2380
30 2790 2550 4290 4050 2910 2550
32 2976 2720 4576 4320 3104 2720
34 3162 2890 4862 4590 3298 2890
36 3348 3060 5148 4860 3492 3060
38 3534 3230 5434 5130 3686 3230
40 3720 3400 5720 5400 3880 3400

* These programs are only available from 12 weeks.

NOTE: BASIC, PLUS, MIX, VOL and UNI programs prices include free accommodation in shared room.
For CHEAP prices, please visit this
web page.

Optional services (prices per week)euros
Individual room 15
Half board 68
Full board 90

Students requirements

To be a University Student
To have an insurrance from the University
Minimum period of 2 weeks for the program
Minimum period of 12 weeks for the program
Basic Spanish level
Intermediate or Avanced Spanish level

LING, BASIC and PLUS programs:

To register simply complete the registration form. You also can print it out and send it by mail or fax.

If you are accepted, then you will receive the confirmation of your course, and details of your course / internship / volunteer offer and accommodation by return mail or e-mail.

MIX, VOL, UNI and Cheap programs (NAT, HLP, HOS, RED):

This is the application process:

1) What do I want?

You must choose a concrete offer or a professional area of focus to your internship / volunteer.
You need to have an intermediate level and fluency in the Spanish language, what will enable you to communicate sufficiently and succeed in the internship. For volunteers, normailly is enough a basic level of Spanish.

If you are a beginner your must participate in one of our Spanish Language Course before starting the internship or to choose an internship inside our academy helping for one of our projects (BASIC and PLUS programs). Remember that PLUS program is designed for beginners that want internship + Spanish lessons.
You can see the specific language requirement inside the offer profile.

2) Fill out the online form

You must complete the registration form (as early as possible as programs can be overbooked) and send us by email an up to date resume in Spanish and a short essay, in Spanish too, on the kind of internship you want, and why.
- The kind of experience you want to have.
- What do you want to learn.
- What sector or area.

You can also print it out and send it by mail or fax to PraFor address / fax.

3) We accept your inscription

Within 4 days of receiving your registration you will receive a response from PraFor confirming your acceptance and that we can find an adequate program offer for you or that it's impossible to us to process your request.
If we can not receive your petition we give you the pertinent reasons.

4) Send a deposit

PraFor wishes to devote all efforts to serious applicants and therefore you must send a refundable deposit of EURO 80,00 (see below 'Payment' section for details).
(Remember! this is a deposit and NOT A REGISTRATION FEE and will be deducted in your total amount).

In the unlikely event that PraFor is unable to find an internship that meets the applicants specifications the deposit will be FULLY REFUNDED to the applicant.

If the applicant withdraws her/his application before accepting an internship placement the deposit cannot be refunded, but the rest of the program price paid (if is the case) will be refunded totally.

5) Our confirmation or we refund the deposit

Upon receive of your inscription with the resume, the essay and the deposit, within 30 days we will search an adequate internship for you and we will communicate you by email that we have found it.
If we can not find any, we will refund you all the money that you have already paid for the program.

6) Your confirmation

You must confirm that the concrete offer that we have found for you, suits you and that you agree doing the internship / volunteer in the Institution that we suggest you.

If you don't agree with the placement we will try to find another and you will lose definitively the first offer.
If the second one is not ok to you neither, we will refund you all the money that you have paid us less 40 Euros for administrative expenses.

7) Send the rest of the fee and some documents

Upon you have confirmed our offer by email, mail or fax, the total cost of the program is due to be paid 4 weeks before your starting date (see below 'Payment' section for details).

You must send us by mail these documents:

--Photocopy of your passport details.

--Student Certificate or equivalent.

--Medical or health Certificate (if you are in VOL or MIX programs).

--Three ID photographs.

--Original signed inscription form accepting General Conditions.

--The bank receipt of your fees.

8) We send your registration, invoice, and some useful information

Once we have recieved all the fee and the documents, 1-2 weeks later you will receive by mail an information letter including official registration with the PraFor program, a country and town guide of your chosen destination, tips on what to bring and remember before your departure and an invoice for the total amount of your program.

LING, BASIC and PLUS programs:

All fees must be paid the first day of your course in InterFor Academy.

Payment can be made in European Euros (cash), by postal money order or bank transfer Gabinete Internacional para la Formacion Avanzada S.L. (see below the transfer details).

Your inscription will not be definitive until we receive all the registration fee.

MIX, VOL, UNI and Cheap programs (NAT, HLP, HOS, RED):

To pay the fee you can choose between a bank or personal check, bank transfer.

All checks (personal or bank checks) shall be authorised to Gabinete Internancional para la Formación Avanzada S.L.

For bank transfer see following details:

Bank: La Caixa
Address: Avda. del Tejar 1, 11500 El Puerto Santa Maria, Spain
Receiver: Gabinete Internancional para la Formación Avanzada S.L.
Entity (bank number): 2100
Office: 2644
Control number: 91
Account number: 0210002972

IBAN: ES97 2100 2644 9102 1000 2972

LING, BASIC and PLUS programs:

You can cancel your enrollment at any time prior to the commencement of your course by notifying us in writing.

If you must cancel your course once it has started, course fees are not refundable.

MIX, VOL, UNI and Cheap programs (NAT, HLP, HOS, RED):

If you cancel your participation in the program 30 days prior to your start date or earlier, you will receive a 100% refund less 80 Euros (deposit). If you cancel 15 - 30 days prior to your start date, you will receive a 50% refund less 80 Euros (deposit). If you cancel 0 - 15 days prior to your start date, there will be 0% refund as well as if you cancel once you arrive in Spain at any time.

In any case we will refund the deposit part after the participant has accepted an internship placement.

After the first day of any part of the program, refunds are not possible.

Travel and medical insurance are not included in our fees. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance required in your own country covering the period of your stay in Spain before you come.

EC citizens are entitled to use the local Social Security services. Ask for the E-111 form in the Social Security office nearest you. You can also ask your embassy for advice concerning your stay abroad.

PraFor will contract for participans of VOL and RED volunteer programs a liability and accident insurance (included in price).

This insurance is obligatory in Spain if you want to be volunteer.

If you choose UNI or Cheap programs (NAT, HLP, HOS, RED internship), to do an internship legaly in Spain, you need to be covered by an insurrance of Health and Safety of your University.

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