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PLUS by PraFor

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PLUS is a combination cultural/social lessons and work experience in our Academy, completed with Spanish language lessons too.

In essence, you can understand that it is just like PraFor BASIC, but with two hours of Spanish language lessons.

The internship is done inside the Academy, so if your Spanish is not very good, a Spanish monitor will be all the time working near you to show you typical Spanish expressions, and helping you to improve your skills about work and Spanish.

This program is indicated for people that want to have working experience in Spain, getting involved in the culture, while they learn Spanish quickly.

At this way, all the things that you do during your 2 hours of internship are oriented to two main objetives:
a) Improve your skills in the area of knoledge that you have chosen (see subprojects).
b) Allow you to get typical Spanish expressions, that are impossible to see only with the Spanish language lessons.

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