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PraFor Project
New Edition

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General Features

Q - What is the age range of the participants?
A - It goes from 18 to 35 normally.

Q - Are many of the participants post-college graduates?
A - Of course post-college graduates participants are wellcome in this project preciselly because the
Oasis Project was thought for them. Just when a student leave his/her studies he/she founds difficulties of adaptation to labour market and to develop their skills.
We accept students that are in this momment studying too because we thing that it's good to prepare themselves from early ages (from 14 into the project).
At this momment we don't accept participants under 18 into the project to help others or to help the project (PraFor) only are acceptable from 14 to x18 to be helped by PraFor participants (FundaFor).

Q - What are your partner companies for the course / internship? What type or branch of companies?
A - Short internships are all inside our academy (BASIC and PLUS options) into one of the specific program (MediaFor, FundaFor, NetFor...) and making role plays and works according what you need to practise.
Internships or volunteer opportunities longer than 3 months can be make inside the branch of companies that you want always that there are free positions.

Q - How long does it take to get into one of your courses?
A - Normally we accept most of the candidates. We don't accept all of them, logically. We reccomend you to fill out the form as soon as possible and wait for our confirmation.

Q - What is the criteria for qualifying?
A - We don't really need a very good knowledge of the materia that students want to make the internship, but a basic knowledge is good always (as well as basic Spanish).

Q - Do you have a selection process?
A - Yes, normaly our selection depend on capabilities and the dates that someone can come.

Q - Are there any discount?
A - Yes, if you come in a group, we will do a discount of 10% on the price of the program (excluding CHEAP programs).

Q - What would I earn?
A - This program is not a job in any case. It's only a posibility to make an internship/volunteer here in Spain improving your skills. The prices of the program are very very low and the accommodation in a shared room is free (excluding CHEAP programs). The internships or volunteer opportunities are not paid but you earn in experience and in Spanish level in all the cases.

The payment

Q - I want to know if I can pay with a credit card. Since I am a canadian and bank transfers are "por las nubes" it would be easier for me to pay with a credit card or cash when I arrive.
A - yes you can pay here by cash here, the first day of your classes.

Q - Must I pay inscription fees?
A - Not at all.

Q - Do you know any other cheaper courses that I can take?
A - Well its really difficult to find cheaper courses/internships/volunteers here in Spain (principally for foreing people). There is some but are sponsored by the goverment for Spanish native workers and with a lot of conditions.
This was a cause to think about to create an international Project named Oasis-PraFor that could allow foreing people to come to Spain and participate in a global project but with cheap prices.

Q - Would there be any contributions to food expenses or you only provide with accomodation?
A - We only provide accommodation. But we are located in Cadiz province and if you calculate the cost of life here in Cadiz and you compare it with your own country costs, probably you will discover that is cheaper to live here than in your country! ...only make numbers!

Q - What is the cheapest program that I can do?
A - The cheapest program that we have is PraFor BASIC - 2 weeks. (190 euros) that includes:
-- free accommodation in a shared room in a Spanish host family.
-- 1 hour per day of courses about Spanish Culture / Society / business... .
-- 2 hours per day of internship in our academy into your specific Program.
-- much more things.
We think that it's really difficult to find in Spain a cheaper program.
You could do one of our CHEAP programs.


Q - Where could I live?
A - You will live in a host family. Shared room is for free. Sometimes is possible to be placed in a shared flat.
Q - What happen if I want an extra day in house?
A - You must ask for it to the Organization and, if it's possible, there is an extra cost of 15 euros per day.

The works

Q - Will be useful the works that I must do?
A - Of course, all the works of BASIC and PLUS programs for being publicated in http//www.aulapolis.com (important educative portal in Spanish) and ASL: http://www.aulapolis.com/asl/ (free Spanish tutorial in english), so it can be used by all the World Education Community.

Q - What kind of volunteer I can do in Spain?
A - Here in Spain you can be volunteer into Oasis project or in other projects of Organizations for health, nature, education, religion, culture, flamenco... .
About Oasis, this project try to help young people to connect their studies with their real oportunities into laboral world. Perhaps you know that sometimes its very difficult to find a work according with our studies. We try to join interests and help people in Spain and in the word.

Q - What method do you use?
A - Our program is based in 'learning by doing'. That means that you would be all the time doing things in the area of bussiness and principally in finance. As you probably know, all the works that students do, are used principally to be used by the educational community in the world throw the portal www.aulapolis.com or www.aulapolis.com/asl
We put cases to students to try make them to practise so much that it's possible. Of course, a big part of you learning depends on you and your interest for to learn.
Most of your works into BASIC or PLUS programs would be studies and reports. This reports will be articles for the portal. So it can be used for universities in the world for example.


Q - I would like to know if there are courses available in the summer?
A - Yes, it's possible to you to enroll with us for the summer. The only thing that you need is fill out our online form.

Q - Are these only summer activities?
A - No, the project is available the whole year, not only summer.

Q - How long I could stay for?
A - The maximun duration is 40 weeks.

Q - How long would be my working day?
A - It will depend on the program that you have chosen.

Q - Is there a restriction on when I could participate in the program?
A - Yes, the accomodation will be from Sunday before the course starts, until Saturday, 12 o'clock (midday), the day after the last course day. About the program, the date to start your course/internship/volunteer activity always must be on Monday and finish on Friday (minimun 2 weeks).

Q - I would like more information about deadlines.
A - About deadline, you must register at least one week before for PraFor LING and BASIC and PLUS and three for PraFor MIX, VOL, UNI and CHEAP, and wait to see if there are vacancies. Logicaly if you inform us with more time you have more possibilities.

Q - I am interested in taking the Spanish courses as well as the internship and would like to know if the starting dates differ.
A - If your inscription is accepted you would start the same day both activities.

Inscription process

Q - I'm interested and would like to know more to apply to be enrolled in your program.
A - The process for to be enrolled it's very simple:

a) You must choose the program in which you would like to do the
b) Fill out the online form.
c) You must wait for until we have processed your petition and if we have a place for you and the dates are available, we will send you a confirmation by email. This can take 3 days for LING, BASIC amd PLUS programs and and 15 days for MIX, VOL and UNI options (approx).

Q - Once I have applied, how long would it take before I find out whether I have been accepted or not?
A - You must wait for until we have processed your petition and if we have a place for you and the dates are available, we will send you a confirmation by email. This can take 3 days for LING, BASIC amd PLUS programs and and 15 days for MIX, VOL and UNI options (approx).


Q - Could you tell me where your Academy/project is situated ?
A - Our Academy is situated in El Puerto de Santa María, medium turistic and typical Andalusian town in Cadiz province (under Sevilla and beside Malaga).
We have a lot of beaches here in El Puerto and people is very friendly.
We are situated in Misericordia street, in the center of the town and near de beach. Our phone is +34 956 543 161.

Requirements for candidates

Q - I am 42 years old, is this program only for youngers?
A - No, we accept all ages, from 18. Age is not an important factor to us. The only important thing is to be dinamic because of we use a very dinamic and practical system.

Q - Do I need to request a special visa to participate on your PraFor program?
A - Well you don't need to have any special visa to participate in this program if you want to stay here 3 or less months, cause is thought to let all the people knows how work an enterprise in Spain and it's an educational activity. We recommend you to ask to your authorities for your own case.

Spanish Level

Q - What level of spanish I need?
A - It's not necesary to have a high level of spanish, low level is enough. See our online table.

Q - Can I do a language course alongside?
A - Of course, you have the posibilitie of to attend PraFor PLUS, that include PraFor BASIC + 2 hours per day of Spanish language lessons.

Q - I assume that the language you teach the activities is in Spanish!?
A - Yes it is. Some people want to do the internship in english and we allow them but is not the recommended option.

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