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When you have reserved your ticket for going to Spain, you can call, write or send us a fax to communicate place, day and hour of your arrival.

Immediately, we will inform you about buses and trains timetable towards El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Here you have some useful information about traveling to and Within El Puerto de Santa Maria:


From most international airports in Europe and many in North America, one can fly non-stop to Madrid Barajas Airport from there fly either to the Jerez Airport, which is situated 15 km from El Puerto or to the Sevilla Airport, which is 100 km from El Puerto.

If you choose Jerez Airport, then you can take a bus or a train from Jerez to get El Puerto but we highly recommend you to take a taxi from the airport to 'Plaza de Toros' in El Puerto because it is a easy, cheap and fast way to get the center of El Puerto. The cost of taxi of TELETAXI company from Jerez Airport to 'Plaza de Toros' is aprox. 21 euros).


A TALGO high-speed train links Madrid and El Puerto in five hours. AVE high-speed to Seville (10 trains/day) and Regional Train to El Puerto from the same station. Visit RENFEfor prices & schedules.


The plethora of bus lines in España has created an inexpensive, extensive & reliable means of traveling within the country. Many ultramodern coaches with panoramic windows provide an enjoyable way to see the country and get from major airports to your destination.

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