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 RED Volunteer - Reduced to essential
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RED Internship - Only internship
RED Volunteer - Only volunteer
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Volunteer in an Organization
Accommodation in shared room
Participation in Aulapolis/ASL
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After many efforts, here is the promised: a program for students,Universities and people which only search for an internship/volunteer in a Spanish company/non-profit institution and nothing more. Without having to pay high additional costs by other auxiliary activities like courses, extra activities, etc. This program, as other PraFor programs, follows strictly
Oasis project directives.

The student only pays the lodging cost and he does not have to pay expensive programs, nor must do any course. In this pogram the student arrives, pays the lodging, does the internship and he goes away. That simple and incredible!

The conditions of this program are already this being used successfully for concrete cases. It is for that reason that from the 01 of December of 2004 PraFor RED internship program extends to all the university students of European or North American Universities and PraFor RED volunteer program to all the people in general.



Volunteer in an Organization

You will be accompanied by a coordinator, who will help you in everything that you need during your collaboration.

All the organizations are non-profit, and are full of members with much enthusiasm that will do that your stay is the best possible.

We cannot determine the dialy hours that will have your volunteer in the Organization because that depend on each place, but usually it goes from 2 hours to 4 per day.

Accommodation in shared room

PraFor will provide you a shared room in a host family or shared flat (depending on our availability). The student can choose between shared/single room but not between family/flat.

Meals are not included. If you want half or full board (or single room) you must pay for it. Please see the extra services table below.

here for more information.


Possibility of participating actively in the educational-labour Portal of Andalusia (aulapolis.com). It will be able to propose ideas, to become a publisher, or simply to collaborate with your work.

This Portal is completely writen in Spanish.

Online support

Consultations online on the doubts that can arise to you about your internship/volunteer.

Certificate of participation

All the students will recieve an acreditation of the time that they have been studying or doing an internship/volunteer here.



Basic or higher level of Spanish

For participants who already understand a bit of Spanish. The student already knows the
basic structures and vocabulary. The student would like to improve his/her level in past tenses and the differences in their use, reflexive pronouns, verbs of obligation, conditional, and imperative forms.

Minimum duration of 8 weeks

This program has a minimum duration. This condition could be flexible under some circunstances.


How to enroll

To enroll simply fill out our online form (apply buttom).

If you are accepted as a candidate, you will be required by email to send a resume and a short essay in Spanish. We select to the candidates according to the needes of the non-profit organizations.

For more detailed information about enrollment process you can go



The total fee for 12 weeks of program is 720 euros (shared room, no board). This fee doesn't include travel expenses, or any other expense not listed into 'Included' section above.

The student can not search another accommodation different of that PraFor searched for him/her. In other words (like in other PraFor programs) the participation in this program entails the aceptation of the accommodation provided for
PraFor and not another (for example a friend's accommodation).

The cost of each extra week of program is 60 euros. More details about payment can be found here.

If you want information about our policy of cancellations click here

Prices for RED internship/volunteer program (in euros)
Year 2004 Shared room Single room
weeks Without
8 480 1024 1200 600 1144 1320
9 540 1152 1350 675 1287 1485
10 600 1280 1500 750 1430 1650
11 660 1408 1650 825 1573 1815
12 720 1536 1800 900 1716 1980
13 780 1664 1950 975 1859 2145
14 840 1792 2100 1050 2002 2310
15 900 1920 2250 1125 2145 2475
16 960 2048 2400 1200 2288 2640
17 1020 2176 2550 1275 2431 2805
18 1080 2304 2700 1350 2574 2970
19 1140 2432 2850 1425 2717 3135
20 1200 2560 3000 1500 2860 3300
21 1260 2688 3150 1575 3003 3465
22 1320 2816 3300 1650 3146 3630
23 1380 2944 3450 1725 3289 3795
24 1440 3072 3600 1800 3432 3960