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PraFor Students Works
New Edition

Un Caso de Flamenco Australiano [esp] - by Geoffrey Griffin
Short essay example [esp] - by Lissa Goldstein
Approx. cost of living in Andalusia [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Example for a curriculum vitae [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Why Studying in Leipzig/Germany? [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Education system of Japanese University [eng] - by Jun Kahata
Informations Commerciales [fra] - by Stephanie Poulard
Business letter [eng] - by Katharina Geiger
Turismo en El Puerto [spa] - by Ryoko Uchida
Informe Comercial [spa] - by Stephanie Poulard
Searching jobs [ger] - by Katharina Geiger
Tourism in El Puerto [eng] - by Ryoko Uchida
Carta Comercial de colaboración [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight
La creación de una empresa en España [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight

Public transportation

really cheap, appr. a half of the costs in Germany,
by Bus from Madrid to Puerto de St. Maria (8 hours): 20,- Euros;
by bus from Puerto de Santa Maria to Cadiz (1/2 hour): 0,90 Euro;
Taxi inner City max. 4,- Euro;
Taxi from Jerez Airport to Trainstation Jerez: 10,07 Euros


moderate prices, examples:
hostals, 20-30,- Euro per Room and Night;
3 star hotels, 50-80,- Euro per Room and Night;


native products are more cheap than in germany, for explample fruits and vegetables, also fish and bread or sweets like pastry importet food or brand products in supermarkets can be more expensive than in Germany or appr. the same many products, for expl. cosmetic products have nearly the same prices than in germany

To go out

costs for lunch, dinner or above all drinks in restaurants or bars can be a bit more cheap than in germany,
examples: milkcoffee, 0,80 Euro;
glas of riora 1,70 Euro;
mineralwater, 0,3: 0,60 Euro;
snacks from 1,50 Euro, complete meal from 5-6,- Euro to (open end)

Tickets/admission fees sightseeing

moderate prices, examples:
visit a bodega and trying Sherry with a guide: 3,- Euros;
museums: appr. 2-4,- Euro;
45 min by Boat to Cadiz: 2,- Euro;
1 h Sightseeingtour by Cabrio-Bus in Cadiz: 8,- Euro;
at most of the churches and cathedrals: free entrance;
city maps in touristinformations for free


prices for postcards b. 0,20 and 0,40 Euro
sending postcards or letters: 0,50 Euro
1 hour internetcafe: between 1,50 and 2,00 Euros

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