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PraFor Students Works
New Edition

Un Caso de Flamenco Australiano [esp] - by Geoffrey Griffin
Short essay example [esp] - by Lissa Goldstein
Approx. cost of living in Andalusia [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Example for a curriculum vitae [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Why Studying in Leipzig/Germany? [eng] - by Kathleen Morawetz
Education system of Japanese University [eng] - by Jun Kahata
Informations Commerciales [fra] - by Stephanie Poulard
Business letter [eng] - by Katharina Geiger
Turismo en El Puerto [spa] - by Ryoko Uchida
Informe Comercial [spa] - by Stephanie Poulard
Searching jobs [ger] - by Katharina Geiger
Tourism in El Puerto [eng] - by Ryoko Uchida
Carta Comercial de colaboración [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight
La creación de una empresa en España [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight

personal information
Date of birth
Place of birth

19xx-19xx secondary school
19xx-200x study xx, subject xx, university xx

Practical Trainings
200x company, contents, period

Language Knowledge
spanish - fluently
english - xxx

further Qualifications
f.e. internetprogramming

knowledge in word, excel

personal Interests
french literature

Place, Date

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