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PraFor Students Works
New Edition

Un Caso de Flamenco Australiano [esp] - by Geoffrey Griffin
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Informations Commerciales [fra] - by Stephanie Poulard
Business letter [eng] - by Katharina Geiger
Turismo en El Puerto [spa] - by Ryoko Uchida
Informe Comercial [spa] - by Stephanie Poulard
Searching jobs [ger] - by Katharina Geiger
Tourism in El Puerto [eng] - by Ryoko Uchida
Carta Comercial de colaboración [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight
La creación de una empresa en España [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight

Many tourists are here en El Puerto de Santa María for their vacation. This town is known for its beautiful beaches and its good weather. Tourists in this town are from other parts of Spain and also from other countries, mainly from Europe. El Puerto is in the province of Cádiz, in the state of Andalucía. Andalucía is known for its good weather and beautiful white houses. There are countries in Europe where they have much less sun light through the year than Andalucía. People from such countries are here for their vacation to spend their vacation under the sun light without any disturbance of bad weather.

El Puerto has good accesses to the beaches. There are seven beaches here in El Puerto. You can do many kinds of marine sports. Such as fishing, wind surfing, sailing, etc., but not surfing or body boarding because the waves are gentle and low.

Flamenco is a beautiful part of Spanish culture. Its a spanish dance with castanets and they tap their shoes with the music of Flamenco. The frilled skirts with poker dots are traditional dress for Flamenco. It is said that it was started in Cadíz and spread out to other coasts then to Jerez and Sevilla. Now they have a different type of Flamenco famous in this region, Andalucía, is called Sevillana. It is possible to see the dance in El Puerto. The other famous Spanish culture is Bull fighting. There is a Plaza de Toro In El Puerto and on certain Sundays there are bull fights. And other days are open free for the visitors.

Famous Wine sherry is originally from Jerez de la Frontera. Jerez is 10 minute by train from El Puerto. There are wine cellars here in El Puerto. They are possible to visit. In the restaurants in the centre of the city, we could order those wines.

Festivals are one of the main events in Spanish life. The main festivals in El Puerto are The Semana Santa, Feria de Primavera, Los Carnavales and Virgen de Los Milagros. Semana Santa, Feria de Primavara, and Los Carnavales are celebrated in other parts of Spain. But in their other hand, "Virgen de los Milagros" is only celebrated in El Puerto. Roads are decorated with salt so that it appears like a carpet. It is very beautiful to see them.

The passion and the warm hearts of people of the state of Andalucía allow you relax and enjoy your holiday all the more. You while away the time under the bright sun light and the surrounding white houses. Tourist information is very organized; you will, for sure, have a nice sun tan by the end of you're your vacation, and return with a good memory of El Puerto de Santa María.

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