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PraFor Students Works
New Edition

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Informations Commerciales [fra] - by Stephanie Poulard
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Informe Comercial [spa] - by Stephanie Poulard
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Tourism in El Puerto [eng] - by Ryoko Uchida
Carta Comercial de colaboración [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight
La creación de una empresa en España [spa] - by Raphaelle Knight

Japanese education system might have described as one of success example on all of system at once.

Therefore, Japanese education system did not change for a long years,moreover, it caused to produce huge education business from the society.

Consequently quality of education went down, according as number of private university increased gradually in the past for 30 years.

Most of people tend to chose university as the last own education nowadays, and more than half per cent of students get job with no work exprience after the their graduation.

Statistically, I suppose that Japanese students are situated good position to compare with another countries.

However, on the one hand, they can look for job easier than non university students, even who have some work exprience, on the other hand, one in three people who get job directy after the their graduation quit job within 3 years.

It seems that students do not realize what they really want to be when they are in university.

Unfortunately,volunteer work and internship system are not popular in all of university, as the result most of students miss these oportunity.

So, now is the time to chage education system for student.

Jun Kahata - PraFor project

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