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A beautiful, kind town between history and progress

"The freedom of Leipzig" That`s the new slogan, the Saxon City is using to show that it considers itself a city of the future. The city strategy involves coupling tried an true history with new ideas.

The trainstation is one example. It is one of the newest and most beautiful in Europe but over 100 years old. And it is only a jump far from the restored historic city centre. The city centre offers a range of shops, cultural and university buildings and is packed with bars and restaurants, all within walking distance o each other. The 500.000 strong city has all the amentities of a large metropolis and the layout of a small town. Leipzig's Students Club Nr. 1: "Moritzbastei", an International cultural center offers a wide range of entertainment including concerts, theater, movies, reading and dance clubs.

The people of Saxony are generally considered to be friendly and sociable, but also a little rebellious, what the "Monday Prayer Demonstrations" proof, which startet in Leipzig`s Nikolaikirche in 1989.

superior possibilities to study

The university was foundet 600 years ago, and is one of the oldest in germany. But with about 24.000 students and a wide range of courses. Economics and trade were incorporated in the school`s sciences department very early on. That probably has a lot to do with the fact, that Leipzig is a traditional trade fair town - a gateway between east and west. The variety of departments show the great choise in Leipzig, for example the law, philosophy and economic sciences departments or Traditional courses like pharmaceutics and theology and new courses like communications and media studies. Many of the university's institutes are now among the best in Europe - the medical department, for example.

Studying in Leipzig is comfortable and very reasonable in comparison to other German Countries

Leipzig offers modern halls of residence, many of which have been fully modernised to an adequate standard. This is where most of the international students live. The average monthly rent ranges between 130 and 180 Euro. Cafeterias and students pubs offer meals at reasonable prices.

During your stay in Leipzig, you should expect expenses of around 600 Euro per month. That covers costs such as:

accommodation: 130-180 Euro/month
semester ticket: 45-50 Euro/semester
health insurance: 281Euro/semester
Food: 250-300 Euro/month

Leipzig`s official website:

Portal of Leipzig`s University:

portal of Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (FH)

The website of the city's largest newspaper carries up to date regional news, and has a large service section.

The Leipziger Volkszeitung's youth and student magazine. Features an events calendar, nightlife guide, day trip suggestions and campus news.

Leipzig city magazine featuring news and reports on the cultural life in the city. Features an events calendar, dining tips and classified ads.

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