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 NetFor - Internet/HTML/CGI/Web design
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Knowledge of Internet and ability to work cooperatively with others.


Website design.

Responsible for all phases web site creation.

Evaluate and update web pages.

Work daily with order entry and inventory software.

Create, designed and maintained sites using HTML, JavaScript and PERL.

Create banners .

Conduct online surveys through the web site to determine user preferences and needs and implemented modifications to improve web site usability.

Web information consultant answering user questions and providing support.

Coordinate the acquisition of periodical information with PraFor magazine editors and managed a team to implement this information on the web site in a timely fashion.

Conduct an online survey through the Aulapolis and ASL site to understand user requirements and implemented appropriate changes to the web site.

Answer emails, and help to connect people.

Establish online interactive database solutions to allow search capability.

Special Notes

Medium-high typing speed is always good!

All the informs and works can be publicated by other PraFor members in Aulapolis and ASL web pages for the common use of the educative community. (Excluded documents with personal information).

You can see the last students works here.