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 FundaFor - Cooperation/Social work/volunteers
New Edition

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Ability to work cooperatively with others.


Dedicated to develop some aspects of the Oasis Project, like integration, awareness on the problem of unemployment, and in general all the referring matters to the transit to the labour world.

Being volunteer in this Project, you will work directly for Oasis Association, an organization dedicated to develop some aspects of the Oasis Project, like integration, awareness on the problem of unemployment, and in general all the referring matters to the transit to the labour world, mainly organizing events or providing of information to youngers through Internet.

Responsible for the Association Archives

Help Chairman recruiting and maintains records of the other volunteers on the various tasks within the Project.

Responsible for encouraging people from other countries to volunteer.

The Oasis Project would not exist without volunteers. We value all contributions of time, ideas, and energy to help keep the Project.


Newsletter Coordinator:
Help coordinate the overall production of the newsletter by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and making sure that all of the many parts come together.

Report and write interesting articles on Oasis and PraFor events, new organizations or programs, and issues important to our Community.

Calendar/Resource Coordinators:
Maintain an accurate and up to date listing of the Project resources and events in the region. Responsible for gathering and organizing this information for the newsletter.

Editing and Layout:
People with a good eye for spelling, grammar, and design are essential to help keep the high quality of the newsletter.

take photographs of major events and things of interest to the PraFor Community throughout Oasis Project

Advertising Manager:
Coordinate advertising for The Community News. Prior advertising experience is not needed.

Public Relations/Networking:
Network with other Educative Organizations in the world, and work to promote increase communication between PraFor groups. The members of this Area are also responsible for providing content and design for the website Aulapolis.com and ASL (free Spanish online tutorial).

Programming and Development:
The primary focus of this committee is to design and produce programs managing the office, organize the library, and drafting policies and procedures.

Center Staff:
Enthusiastic people who enjoy working with the public are needed to help staff the center during our open hours. Duties include greeting visitors to the center, answering phones, and helping to connect people with Oasis resources

Special Notes

Your work will be used to help non-profit organizations like Oasis Project Association

All the informs and works can be publicated by other PraFor members in Aulapolis and ASL web pages for the common use of the educative community. (Excluded documents with personal information).

You can see the last students works here.