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People that love to work with other people and to follow up and identify individual potentials to develop their job and to grow as person and as employee.


Children will be attended in weekly sessions to build fundamental academic skills in an environment that they love.

You will work to impact children, families and communities and grow with a well-funded, entrepreneurial company.

Auxil. Education Instructor.

The staff education instructor assumes a critical role in providing patient care responsive to meeting unplanned patient care and educational needs of staff.

Develop and implements a comprehensive plan to identify and meet the educational needs of the assigned areas of practice.

Must work collaboratively and cooperatively with classroom staff.

Design and implement lessons/plans/activities for other members of PraFor Project.

Provide input evaluations of teacher assts.

Work with emotionally disturbed students.

Organization and administration of the Educational area.

Psychology and education.

Student conferences, guidance intervention, and referral to and development of specialized programs.

Elaboration of a socio-labour report on other members of PraFor Project.

Special Notes

Ability to interact with various levels of personnel within the organization will be very good for this Project.

All the informs and works can be publicated by other PraFor members in Aulapolis and ASL web pages for the common use of the educative community. (Excluded documents with personal information).

You can see the last students works here.