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I am a Golf Champion
I like 'flamenco' very much!
I will ride a horse tomorrow
Where can I drink 'fino' sherry?
I want to play the Spanish guitar
I know how to make an Andalusian 'gazpacho'
InterFor will give you that... and much more!
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Acreditations, Public acts, conferences gave by us, appearances in newspapers ...

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Teachers teaching.

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Course for headmasters.

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Our headmaster giving a conference in an State Institute

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New - Summer 2004
Article written by one of our students in a newspaper.
The girl of the photo is another one of our students doing a practice in a hotel.

Our courses.

Some of our language courses are recognized as an education vacation in Hessen, Schleswig Holstein and Berlin (Three territorial Goverments from Germany).

-Our Center organizes Official Courses FORCEM, financed by the Ministry of Spanish Work and the F.S.E. (European Social Found - European Union).

-Our courses are affiliated to PIPE Program of the Official Camera of Commerce of the Province of Cadiz. Representative of the Chamber of Commerce: Mr. Apolo Montero.

-Our center is catalogued C.S.P. (PYME Solutions Center). Representing of Grupo SP. for Andalusia: Mr. Francisco Rayo.

-InterFor implants Systems of Quality ISO 9002, among other companies for academies of Spanish for Foreigners. Representative of SP Quality: Mrs. Isabel Delgado.

Our activities.

-InterFor colaborates with Oasis Project Association to organice courses in Cadiz University. We do this since four years ago. Representing of UCA: Mrs. Mercedes Travieso (she is responsible of DELE exams in Cádiz)

-We have presented a proposal of collaboration to the University of Seville for to develop a Master. Representative of University of Seville: Mrs. Mercedes Fernandez (titular professor).

-We have presented a proposal of collaboration to the Oficial Camera de Comerce of Italy in Spain (Western Andalusia). Contact: Mr. Consul of the Camera.

-We have our own Pedagogical Cabinet. G.A.P.

-We have our own Educative Portal.

Newspapers/Public acts gave by us.

-Conference "The New Enterprise Mentality" within the acts of Autoempleo organized by the City Council of Vejer.

-Divulging Stand of Young Employers within Young Expo of Sanlucar.

-Conference in the "Mar de Cádiz" Institute titled: "New transmitted Formation". This was enterely transmited Local TV Tele Puerto.

-Conference in the Second Wireless Social gathering "Education, Formation and Employ" organized by the Jerez Council.

-Conference it in the Hotel Monastery on "The importance of the Continuous Formation".

-Conference about "Youngs, Selfemployers and Volunteers" in the meeting denominated "The New Employers" gave in Jerez.

-Public presentation of AJE Cadiz.(Young Employers Association)

-Conference in round table on Autoempleo organized by AIESEC in Cadiz.

-Conference to youngs from Jerez in the Unicaja Halls, and to youngs from Sanlucar in the Carp of Expo-Young.

-Interviews in almost all the important transmitters of radio of the province of Cadiz, as well as in Tele Puerto, Wave Sherry TV and Badajoz.

-Interviews for Newspapers like "Diario de Cadiz", "El Puerto Información", Jerez Newspaper and ABC of Seville.

-Appearances in magazines "Young Company", and Cantabria Entrepreneurs.

-Appearance in "TV Puerto" of our Course of cooking.

-Appearance in "TV Puerto" of our Course in the Hotel Santa Maria.

-Closing of Courses of Summer of the University of Cadiz.

Our Headmaster.

-He is administrator of the Organization Gabinete Internacional para la Formación Avanzada S.L.. He is founding patner of the society of education OVERPLUS S.L. too

-Our headmaster is Vicepresident of Young Employers Association of Cádiz Province. President: Mr. Luis Benjumeda.

-We are members of the Employers Association of Cádiz Province and Employers Association of Andalusia. Our headmaster is member of the Assembly. The President of this Association is Mr. Miguel González Saucedo.

-Our headmaster is the President of the Oasis Project Association of Andalusia. Vicepresident: Mr. José Luis Morales (responsible of Cadiz province teachers of UNED -University National of Distance Education- in Madrid. He is teacher is UCA - University of Cadiz too.) For more information about objetives of this Association you can visit our web page: (english) (spanish)

-Our headmaster is teacher of Marketing and Creation of enterprises in UCA University Summer Courses since four years ago too. Contact: Mr Antonio Moreno (Vice Governing of UCA University).

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