Tell us in Spanish ...
I am a Golf Champion
I like 'flamenco' very much!
I will ride a horse tomorrow
Where can I drink 'fino' sherry?
I want to play the Spanish guitar
I know how to make an Andalusian 'gazpacho'
InterFor will give you that... and much more!
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Each course lasts approximately two weeks from Monday to Friday, 4 classes per day.

As a beginner you can start the course according to our calendar. If you have some idea of the Spanish language, you can join in a course of your level on any date.

We will give 10% discount to groups of three or more people that make a booking for the same course, level and date.

The clases last for 45 minutes.

Classes have to befrom 3 to 7 students per group.

You can choose the course that suits you best, all courses last for 2 ore more weeks:

STANDARD COURSE (CB) 4 lessons per day

2 weeks 34,000 Pts 204.34 Euros
3 weeks 51,000 Pts 306.52 Euros
4 weeks 68,000 Pts 408.69 Euros
6 weeks 96,000 Pts 576.97 Euros
8 weeks 128,000 Pts 769.30 Euros
10 weeks 160,000 Pts 961.62 Euros
12 weeks 180,000 Pts 1,081.82 Euros
14 weeks 210,000 Pts 1,262.13 Euros
16 weeks 240,000 Pts 1,442.43 Euros
18 weeks 270,000 Pts 1,622.73 Euros

SUPERSTANDARD COURSE 6 lessons per day

2 weeks 46,000 Pts 276.47 Euros
3 weeks 69,000 Pts 414.70 Euros
4 weeks 88,000 Pts 528.89 Euros
6 weeks 132,000 Pts 793.34 Euros
8 weeks 176,000 Pts 1,057.78 Euros
10 weeks 220,000 Pts 1,322.23 Euros
12 weeks 252,000 Pts 1,514.55 Euros

EXTRA-STANDARD COURSE 4 lessons + 2 hours of private tutoring per day

SUPERINTENSIVE COURSE 6 lessons + 2 hours of private tutoring per day

PRIVATE TUITION the student suggests time schelude

1 lesson 3,000 Pts 18.07 Euros

BUSINESS SPANISH COURSE (EC) 4 lessons of CB+ 2 lessons of EC per day

Preparation for D.E.L.E 4 lessons + 2 hours of private tutoring per day


1. BEGINNERS: for participants with no idea of the Spanish language or a slight idea of it. In this course you study the use of regular and irregular verbs in present, present perfect and near future, the difference between 'ser, estar, haber', progressive forms, personal pronouns and the use of grammatical complements, thus of the tools to form complete and grammatical sentences

2. BASIC: appropiate for those students who have some prior knowledge of the Spanish language. The student will start this level by going over the basic structures and vocabulary which will be extended and reinforced.

3. INTERMEDIATE for participants who already understand a bit of Spanish. In this course we focus on the past tenses and the differences in their use, reflexive verbs, verbs of obligation, conditional, and imperative forms.

4. ADVANCED: for students who have some solid notions of the Spanish language. We study the subjunctive, prepositions, the repetion of the past tense forms and the differences between 'ser, estar', and we practise languages.

5. SUPERIOR : these courses deal with practical grammar (theory just in cases of doubts), colloquial expressions, literary texts, cultural life in Spain. In these levels we combine conversation, lectures, films, videos and cultural visits.

All the courses include:

-Didactic equipment: books...
-Previous test and attendance certificate.
-Video sessions of Spanish films and documentaries.
-Information and advice.
-Loan of books and other equipment.

On the first course day we set a written PLACEMENT TEST to place each participant in the adecuate level to form homogeneous groups, according to each student's aptitude.

All the students who regularly assist to class manifesting progress and active participation will obtain the CERTIFICATE OF ASSISTANCE.

Examinations are not obligatory. Just the students who have finished the complete advanced and superior levels have to write an exam to obtain the school DIPLOMA.

We prepare for the 'Diploma de EspaƱol como Lengua Extranjera' exams (D.E.L.E.) either in the basic or superior levels.


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