Tell us in Spanish ...
I am a Golf Champion
I like 'flamenco' very much!
I will ride a horse tomorrow
Where can I drink 'fino' sherry?
I want to play the Spanish guitar
I know how to make an Andalusian 'gazpacho'
InterFor will give you that... and much more!
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hour mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
09,30-10,30 AU CO PR CU CE AU CO PR CU CE
10,30-11,30 E E E E E E E E E E
11,30-12,30 E E E E E E E E E E

'Autoestima' Course AU Learn to like yourself
Popular Spanish cooking course CO Learn to cook spanish meals
Working practises course PR Do a simulated practises
Spanish culture course CU Visit the past of a country
C.E. course CE Learn how to control your moods
Spanish language classes E All levels
Bullfight BF *Weekend: visit a bullfight or the bullfight museum in Sevilla
Trip to Cadiz CD *Weekend: go to Cadiz on a boat
Market MT *Weekend: visit the market in towncenter
White villages JR *Weekend: visit the famous 'white villages'
*Weekend activities are not included in price and are optionals.

Pesetas Euros
44,000 264

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