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Spanish Readings, by Luis
New Edition

  The city
  The air
  The water
  The mountains
  The plants
  The animals
  The humans
  The clothes
  To travel
  The office
  World Wide Web
  Don Quijote


Aquellos de vosotros que esteis familiarizados con mi forma de vivir sabeis que he hecho varias tentativas de elegir mis ropas y de ordenar de mi armario y aparador. Finalmente he descubierto porqué estoy teniendo tanto apuros. Realmente no es que las quiera tanto que deseo guardarla toda. Realmente la odio. Muchas de ellas son ropas perfectamente buenas pero el problema es que cuando el tiempo pasa no me gustan.

Those of you who are familiar with my way of life, know that I have made several attempts at sorting out my clothes and organizing my closet and dresser. It finally dawned on me why I am having so much trouble. It really isn't that I love them so much that I want to keep them all. I really hate them. A lot of them are perfectly good clothes but the problem is that when the time pass I don´t like them.

Source: Vocabulary

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