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  HLP - Helping people
Cheap program
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A.S.L. PraFor Programs

Cheapest programs
RED Internship - Only internship
RED Volunteer - Only volunteer
HOS - Hospitality-Restaurants
HLP - Helping people
NAT - Nature-Animals-Agriculture

1 h/day Spanish lessons
Participation in Aulapolis/ASL
News and events service
Certificate of participation
Online support
Cadiz province
Cheap program
12 weeks
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Type of Organization:
Religious Institution




You will work 6 days per week and Sunday free. Approximately you will work 6 hours per day.

This insternship will consist in helping with the day to day running of the Institution.

It's possible to be placed with kids, older people or in general, people that need help.

Most of the Kids parents are poor workers and many women depend on their own income. Therefore they needed a place to look after their children while they are at work.
Older people haven't family or they can not take care of them.

Normally the Institution has religious character (Christian) or is an association.

For those looking to have their first taste in the medical/teaching/social service field... is offered a unique opportunity to learn first hand what life in the field is truly like.




CHEAP PROGRAMS is designed for people that wish a total inmersion in Spanish culture. You must try to adapt yourself to Spanish customs and meals.
So, no specific meal will be prepared to you. If you don't want or you can not eat the same as the other Spanish people who you are working with, then you must pay an extra fee of 360 euros per month for the special menu.

Spanish lessons

Spanish grammar and vocabulary for speaking, reading, understanding and writing. The emphasis of the course is on communication and preparation for advanced reading and composition skills.

We provide precise explanations too, regarding specific subject matter.

When learning a language, constant practice is needed to gain fluency, be it oral or written.

We offer a large variety of practical exercises for near each situation of real life.

The examples are extracted directly from daily situations and the understandind is really easy!


Possibility of participating actively in the educational-labour Portal of Andalusia (aulapolis.com). It will be able to propose ideas, to become a publisher, or simply to collaborate with your work.

This Portal is completely writen in Spanish.

News and events service

Through email, we regularly send to our students information on interesting events in the city where they are making their internship/volunteer, free activities, and in general useful information.

This will make you save time and money!

Certificate of participation

All the students will recieve an acreditation of the time that they have been studying or doing an internship/volunteer here.

Online support

Consultations online on the doubts that can arise to you during your internship/volunteer.

You will receive an access key to our Portal of Internet, to make possible to you to access and solve your doubts.


How to enroll

To enroll simply fill out our online form (apply buttom).
If you are accepted as a candidate, you will be required by email to send a resume and a short essay in Spanish.

we select to the candidates according to the needes of the companies.

For more detailed information about enrollment process you can go

Remember that we will only accept for CHEAP PROGRAMS people that are University students in this momment and that have an insurance from their University. Clic here for more information about insurances.



The total fee for 3 months of program is 541 euros. Accommodation and meals are free

The fee doesn't include travel expenses, or any other expense not listed above.

More details about payment can be found
If you want information about our policy of cancellations clic here