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Lola Soler - Student
New Edition

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Eating out in Spain is one of life’s most enjoyable daily rites. The sheer variety and range of the cuisine and Spaniards’ weakness for good food, make it a simple task, whether in the big city or in some small country village, to find a place where one can have a good meal. Ranging from traditional home cooking all the way up to famous five-star restaurants (maximum rating on a scale of one to five), travellers will have no difficulty in finding best value for money in terms of personal tastes and preferences.

Meal times tend to be approximately one and a half hours behind the European average, though the range of restaurant opening times is so generous that individuals will find it possible to more or less keep to their customary eating habits. A menu listing the prices is usually displayed at the entrance to restaurants, which also usually offer a daily set menu at a somewhat reduced and/or fixed price.
Service is included in the price shown, yet it is usual (though not obligatory) to leave 5%-10% of the bill by way of a tip. Most restaurants tend to close one day in the week (Sunday or Monday), but there is any number of establishments open 7 days a week where one can have a bite at any time.

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