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Carmen Villanueva - Tennisplayer
New Edition

  AskmeFor Project

AskmeFor teachs to use your social abilities to enhance your life quality. All, while you learn Spanish.

Courses in Spain to control your mood. Enjoy and learn Spanish!

AskmeFor is a program based on the experiences gathered on the "Spanish way of life". All has been analyzed, to be able to adapt these experiences to the courses that we offer. To make the student fit in spanish life, we include language courses in our program. So you can converse with spanish people and learn to apreciate different points of view.

The courses that are made within the AskmeFor program, teach to use your social abilities to enhance your life quality.

We offer courses to you that alows you to understand the way in which the Spanish people face problems like stress and nervousness.

In our courses 'PRACTISE' you do a simulated work into InterFor Academy.

We have a special program for older people named FIESTA too (party).

You can choose one of this programs:

Learn to hook up in Spain!:
Practice your natural qualities by using techniques that we offer to you and you will verify that it isn't so difficult to connect with the PERSON THAT YOU LIKE.

Courses in Spain to help people that are down.
If you are down, now is the moment to face different situations. We trust in you and your possibilities.

Special courses in Spain for older people.
Special program of activities for older people in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain. Have fun in the beautiful town.

Learn Spanish cooking in Spain. Paella, gazpacho, tortilla, and much more!
Courses of Spanish cooking - paella, gazpacho, tortilla. Learn Spanish languaje too!.

Courses in Spain to help people with shyness.
Courses to face shyness. Open your mind and don't walk alone. we are waiting for you. Those who fight will finally conceed to what they like.

Practise a work in Spain while you learn Spanish.
Learn by doing: improve your Spanish skills and participate at our practical course. We offer you the possibility to participate in actvities that simulate real work.

Playa Total: Special program for learning Spanish to youngers.
Special program to young people. You learn Spanish to have a good standard holiday in Andalusia, Spain. Hasta la vista!.

Course to learn to relax in Spain.
Course to learn to relax in Spain, like Spanish people do. Learn Spanish languaje too!.

More information:

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In German

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