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Sara García - Dancer
New Edition

  Flamenco dance
  The Spanish "tapas"


There are public telephones available most everywhere in Spain. They can be used to make calls anywhere in the world and offer instructions in several languages. These telephones function with 5, 25, and 100 peseta coins. There are also public telephones requiring credit cards. Also, in the most important cities, there are telephone offices open all day. To telephone outside Spain it is necessary to dial 07 and, after hearing the international tone, the country code, city code and the respective number. Spain's international country code required when calling any number in Spain from abroad, is 34. It is necessary to then dial the provincial code and then the respective telephone number. Following is a list of the corresponding area codes for each province. If calling within Spain, you must dial 9 before any of these area codes.
Spanish Telephone intercity area codes:

Albacete 67Girona 72Pontevedra 86
Alicante 6Granada 58La Rioja 41
Almeria 51Gudalajara 11Salamanca 23
Asturias 8Guipuzcoa 43Tenerife 22
Avila 18Huelva 55Segovia 11
Badajoz 24Huesca 74Seville 5
Baleares 71Jaen 53Soria 75
Barcelona 3Leon 87Tarragona 77
Burgos 47Lleida 73Teruel 74
Caceres 27Lugo 82Toledo 25
Cadiz 56Madrid 1Valencia 6
Cantabria 42Malaga 5Valladolid 83
Castellon 64Murcia 68Vizcaya 4
Ciudad Real 26Navarra 48Zamora 88
Cordoba 57Orense 88Zaragoza 76
La Coruña 81Palencia 88  

Dial 9 before these codes if calling from within Spain.
For general information dial 003.


Most postal branch offices offer telegram, telex and telegraph services, for both national and international communications. It is also possible to find this type of service in large hotels.

Postal service

The Spanish Postal Service has over 6,000 offices all over the country, including small villages, railway stations, ports and airports. They provide a wide range of modern and efficient services.
The principal offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, as well as those located in the international airports, are open 24 hours a day.
The services carried out by the Postal Service are of two fundamental types: those that are purely postal in nature such as those relating to different kinds of correspondence, and those that are known as postal banking services, dealing with money, such as postal and telegraphic money orders. In each office, there is a service called the Postal List where one can register to receive all types of correspondence, packages or money orders, which, in turn, can be forwarded to hotels or any other address.
The stamps required for mailing correspondence are sold at Post Offices and outlets known as "estancos" which are establishments authorised to sell tobacco, stamps and seals and which form an extensive network covering practically the entire country.
For information on the many varied services offered by the Spanish Post Office, call (91) 536-0110
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