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The Spanish Grammar, by Miguel
New Edition

  The Nouns
  The Adjectives
  The Time
  The Date
  The Pronouns
  Direct/Indirect Pronouns
  Demonstrative Pronouns
  Relative Pronous
  Reflexive pronouns
  Possessive Pronouns
  The Adverbs
  Degree of Adverbs
  Regular Verbs
  Irregular Verbs
  Stem-Changing Verbs
  The Progressive


Possessive adjectives in Spanish refer to the possessor an not to the thing possessed like English.

  Singular Plural 
(él, ella, usted)Masculinosu/hiscoche/carsus/hiscoches/cars
(ellos, ellas, ustedes)Masculinosu/theirlibro/booksus/theirlibros/books

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