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Accommodation by Lola

Hotel accommodation

Good facilities, quantity, variety and quality exits.

Categorised by stars 5-1.

Resitence hotels (hoteles residencia)

Categorised as hotels.
Have no restaurant facilities but there is a breakfast room, room service and a bar o coffee bar.


Silimar to hotels. More modest accommodation. Divides into categories 3-1 star.

Pension - Guest or boarding house

These establishments have a long tradition in Spain.
Hospitalable and comfortable usually owned an run by the family. Accommodation an meals provided. Shower facilities are paid apart.


State run hotels. There are 83. These have the same facilities as hotels but mos occupy old monumental buildings of historical of artistic value for example castles, palaces, monasteries and convents. Usually inthe categories 3 or 4 star.


Usually furnished. Found especially on the Spanish coast. Costa Brava, Costa del Sol or Costa de la Luz. They provide good accommodation for groups. Reserve through travel agencies.


There are 1.190 sites throughout the country. These are divide into categories depending on the aminities provided.

Spas an health resorts

There are 90 of them. These establishments include hotels and sport and leisure installations of various kinds.
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