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Museums by Miguel

Museums in Province of Cadiz - South of Spain

Arcos de la Frontera

Parish treasures - at the Church of Santa Maria.


-Cathedral Museum (contains paintings, sculpture,
craftsmanship in precious metals and ornaments).
C/Vicente Acero.

-Cadiz Museum (The Archaeological section contains
Roman, Paleo-Christian and Visigothic remains found in
the area. The Fine Arts section has paintings from the
17th-19th centuries and a collection of works by
Zurbaran). Plaza de Mina.

- Municipal History Museum (exhibits the iconography of
Cadiz, a model of the city and documents from the
Peninsular War.

Jerez de la Frontera

- Watch Museum (exhibits from the 17-19th centuries)
Atalaya Palace. C/Cervantes, 3.

-Municipal Archaeological Museum (contains epigraphs,
heraldries and Roman Sculptures). Cabildo Viejo - Plaza
de la Asuncion, 1.

-Museum of Flamenco Art (contains musical instruments, a
record library, popular art and clothing). C/Quintos, 1.

Puerto Real

-Municipal Museum (archaeological and artistic remains
from the Roman city of "Portus Gaditanus").

Puerto de Santa Maria

-Municipal Museum (archaeological remains found the area
serigraphs by Rafael Alberti).

Sanluar de Barrameda

-Palace of the Counts of Niebla (visits round the palace
which contains the Archives of the House of Medina
Sidonia) C/Condes de Niebla, 1.

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