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UNI by PraFor

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Finally, UNI program is thought for all the students that need for their studies to do an internship abroad. We work with selected companies.

Many students need to make an internship abroad to be able to complete their studies or simply they want to make merits for the enter to the university. PraFor UNI specially is indicated for this type of students.

During the program, we do pursuit of the process of learning of the students and we help them doing their stay in Spain as good as possible.

The companies that we select are of the maximum guarantees and normally they have already had other students practicing. For that reason they know what the student needs to learn.

InterFor is the official patner in Spain for the 'Institut Student und Arbeitsmarkt' of Munich university (Germany) in Spain. It has collaborated or do just now with other universities like Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (Belgium), London Metropolitan (North London, London Guildhall - UK) and Cergy-Pontoise (France).

You only must say to us the position in which you would like to make the internship and we will help you to find it.

For cheaper programs visit RED internship program.

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