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PraFor UNI
New Edition

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MIX by PraFor

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PraFor MIX consists in a combination cultural/social lessons, Spanish language and volunteer experience helping in a non profit Institution.

This program is for people that would like to have a full time period of activities in Spain and don't worry to be totally inmersed in the Spanish life.

During a part of the day, the participant will be helping to a Social or Cultural Institution of the locality. This will be very useful to make friendships and to know as the Spaniards develop typical activities such flamenco, religion, horses, nature, celebrations...

Another part of the day the participant attends Spanish and culture lessons in the academy, to receive aid improving its Spanish, and to give a correct interpretation to all the new things that discovers around to his. And there are many, because Spain is really different from other countries.

This program is only indicated for people that love Spanish culture.

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