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Horse back riding School
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Horse back riding School by PraFor

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Horse back riding School

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Cadiz province
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Type of Organization:
Level of Spanish:
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Area of focus:
- Wildlife/Animal -


This School has mainly Childrens horse back riding programs. It stables are open for tours to school children in the area.

The interns will help in the cleaning and caring of horses at the School.

Their horses are famous because of they are of Andalusian race and they organize competitions too. The Carthusian people created one of the most beautiful horses' breeds, which still exists. We could say that never a breed like that achieved so much prestige: kings, princes, or Lords who were awarded of the quality of the Carthusian horses, went to Jerez de la Frontera so as to buy them.

Their emphasis is on handling, safety, caring and taking responsibility for animals and each other.

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